We offer optional Thermal Imaging in all our Inspection Services

​-40 to +626 degree measurements (dual - high/low readings) at up to 100 feet, detection up to 800'

​A great TOOL, to help identify somethings unseen in normal or no light...

Residential/Commercial Inspection Uses:

Window and Door efficiency

Heat and Air Duct Efficiency

Electrical Box/Plug anomalies

Heat Tracing

Insulation efficiency

Water Leaks

Plumbing Evaluation

Roof Efficiency Surveys

Water Temperatures throughout the house

Find Clogged Pipe locations

Clogged or restricted ductwork

if we take care of the little things

big things take care of themselves


Industrial Inspection Uses:

Tank Levels

Vessel and piping HOT spots

Electrical anomalies

Heat Tracing

Energy Loss

Insulation efficiency

Welding Controls (interpass and pre-heat)

Plugged Lines

Pipeines leaks