if we take care of the little things

big things take care of themselves


Thermal Imaging Inspections

​-40 to +1100 degree measurements (dual - high/low readings) at up to 100 feet, detection up to 800'

​A great TOOL, to help identify somethings unseen in normal or no light...

Residential/Commercial Inspection Uses:

Window and Door efficiency

Heat and Air Duct Efficiency

Electrical Box/Plug anomalies

Heat Tracing

Insulation efficiency

Water Leaks

Plumbing Evaluation

Roof Efficiency Surveys

Water Temperatures throughout the house

Find Clogged Pipe locations

Clogged or restricted ductwork

Industrial Inspection Uses:

Tank Levels

Vessel and piping HOT spots

Electrical anomalies

Heat Tracing

Energy Loss

Insulation efficiency

Welding Controls (interpass and pre-heat)

Plugged Lines

Pipeines leaks