if we take care of the little things

big things take care of themselves


We have the latest technology to enhance our Inspection services and video productions

    sUAS - small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (FAA Definition)

​                 aka - drones, UAVs, quadcopter, etc...

Architects - New Home Builder - Owner.....Imagine:

FLY up to the 2nd, 3rd or higher level (200')....

Look at the view before you buy, design, or start construction...

CHANGE a window, floor elevation or house orientation.....

SEE the FUTURE.....

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA's) :


Quick aerial access for real estate transaction screening

     Watch live as we fly areas walking would be dangerous or impossible

     Even if you don't need the Phase 1, we can give you detailed photos so there are no surprises found on your new property

Help meet the New AAI & ASTM E1527-05 requirements

We are responsible Pilots, we announce and monitor

122.000 mhz on the AIR BAND when flying,...

Drone-Sailor Fly-bys:

     Homes and property aerials for any presentation

     Solar Panel, Roof and Chimney inspection

     Crop evaluation for watering, insect control, insurance claims, 

     erosion control, etc...

     Landscaping projects (before and after)

     Crime or accident scene documentation

     Industrial site and pipeline surveys and monitoring

     Monitor construction or progress of your home or project

Help sell or show your:

     Business Location (see where you are from the air)

     BOAT and YACHT (Regattas, ads....)

     CARS and RV's

     Home and Property Inspections and Presentations


Drone-Sailor.com                  we've got you covered....from above....